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  1. Tim Anderson
    01-11-2015 06:59 AM
    Tim Anderson
    There is a little more to it but just for starters I'll keep it simple... You start your stand with some sort of prey distress sound or just a few lone howls and then distress.. What the howls are doing is waking up a coyote that's been sleeping and telling it there is another coyote around and then the prey sounds tell it that this strange coyote is killing a rabbit or what have you.. Each stand is a little different as far as what vocals to use.. After some howls and prey distress if nothing shows but you know they could be there then toss out some short howls or a young coyote whining, and then maybe another howl and use a howl that sounds like a young or female coyote.. You don't have to answer a coyote back with the same howl, just use something, female invite, short howls and so on. as the stand progresses then go back to just a prey distress sound, rabbit or birds.. See what happens. never use sounds that are too aggressive, save only as a last resort on an aggressive coyote.
  2. Tim Anderson
    01-11-2015 06:57 AM
    Tim Anderson
    Hey DAA. Been following on Leonards board on the coyote vocals. Not sure if your not just playing along or just don't know.. It seems everyone has there secretes but actually they are not, or at least quit a few know of them if they have spent time calling coyotes... To me vocals is pretty basic as I have been using them for some time.. What you are trying to do is like some have said is paint a picture by using prey distress sounds along with vocals..
  3. Tim Anderson
    01-11-2015 06:56 AM
    Tim Anderson
    Always want to sound like the underdog.. Some also use pup distress some where after the howls, I never use it... Sounds like from reading your posts you are missing a lot of coyotes.. I don't like to give up a stand till one or most are dead.. Learned a lot from Scott H. of stuff I took for granted and then put all the pieces together. Just a game now that I have gotten board with and just running dogs after them now, which adds a little more excitement with same end results, dead coyotes.. good luck..

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