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Sometimes they get right back to me, sometimes not so much. They are a full service machine shop in a farming community and are real busy. Items I have ordered are always delivered promptly.

My buddy almost bought the rights and machinery from Winn Vickerman. Vickerman was making them on a screw machine and had sold it when he got there. This was before the days of affordable CNC.

The original dies were sold at gun shows and mail order and were quite popular around here with varmint shooters. They were made in Ellensburg and later in Moses Lake Washington.

When they were not being produced the prices got pretty high. I love them and turned down some pretty attractive offers.

I bought one of the new micrometer ones they are making in Dayton and will be buying another in 17 cal. To the best of my knowledge Winn Vickerman never made the original in 17 & 20

I have five or six of them and a dozen or so shell holders.
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