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Mike, I just finished building one on a krico 600 action with a pac nor barrel, you may have seen my earlier post re conetrol bases and rings. well thats what I need them for. not sure what you would have to pay for a krico overthere this one cost me $350.00 aud and I sold the 243 barrel for $120.00. this is a very light walk about rifle and would suite exactly what your after, perhaps you could check the price of one at a dealers though I have a feeling they are much cheaper in aus than the u.s. also them 700 is a good platform to start with, I have a 250 in a rem 700 classic, unfired still in the box I get it out sometimes and think about trying it out then put it back in safe, I am sure if doc bubba read this he would be over here in a flash to grab it. good luck
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