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Default .19 badger

i do. i've had it about a year now, and it's the rifle i keep with me in the truck most of the time. crows and blackbirds are targets of choice.
1- accuracy----100 yards.....1/2 inch most times. seldem miss a crow at 200 yds.
2- i ordered 400 cases, and my drill is to load all 400, shoot 200, clean, shoot 200, clean, load 400. i don't notice a drop in accuracy in 200 rounds, but there isn't much fouling as cleaning is a breeze. i use calhoons 55 gr bullet in my 22-250 and it fouls a lot less.
3- barrel life...don't know. i've got about 1000 rds thru this one. calhoon says 7000.

his load data was right on for me. 32 gr bullet, 15.5 gr reloader 7, and cci 400 primers. i bought some military surplus powder(wc680) pretty cheap, which calhoon said is like AA1680. i use 15.5 gr of it and it was just as accurate as reloader 7, but i guess a little faster because it shot about 1 inch higher. i tried calhoons max loads and didn't see over-pressure, but accuracy suffered a little. i really enjoy this thing.
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