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Old 06-02-2018, 11:08 PM
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Default Bullet jacket dies??

I will go to auctions, but estate sales I just feel uncomfortable rummaging through a house. Feel like a burglar.
Buddy had given me the heads up on an estate sale early this week. Just was never on my todo list. I did go over there today, 50-75% off of tag price. Didn't figure on much being there.
Reloading stuff mostly Lee with a few Redding and CH sets. All looked well cared for and oiled. Some were brand new unused. Odd thing all we're in plastic zip bags. So that made it a chore to go through.

I looked through all of them at least twice. One bag has a CH swage die of some sort .357, marked CH.

Another bag just said .224 bullet making dies. For the money I couldn't go wrong. I have found zero markings on them.

I am no good at posting pictures. I can email or text them but posting anymore is a pita for me. I can send pics of the dies if any of you may have an idea of what I may have. I could not be so lucky as to the set being complete.

What I found odd was there were no other presses other than a lee progressive.
Appreciate any help.
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