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Old 02-22-2022, 11:56 PM
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Default 222 subsonic load anyone

Hello fellas

I would like to know if anyone has a subsonic load for a 222 using 40gr bullets?
Or point me in the right direction. Thanks to all for your help.
I have both blue dot and 800X powders but have not been able to come up with any Trail Boss.
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Old 03-13-2022, 03:39 PM
Dean2 Dean2 is offline
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All my subsonic loads are now made with Trail boss as it is just so much safer than fast burning pistol or shotgun powder. No chance of a double charge.

Here is some info for 800X and Blue Dot from Calhoon for the 223. I would start with the min load and work up carefully. Near the bottom of the article he talks about loads for the 222.

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Old 03-13-2022, 07:18 PM
Kevin Gullette Kevin Gullette is offline
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Lightbulb How about.....

.....your good ol' 22lr rifle.....shooting standard or target grade ammo?

But'd have to FIND some.....somewhere.

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Old 03-13-2022, 08:11 PM
TinMan TinMan is offline
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+1 on what Kevin just said. Especially if you have any 22lr rifles with a match chamber. Even some of the semiautos that are not match chambers are pretty accurate if you test and find a particular brand HV ammo they like.
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Old 05-20-2022, 11:02 PM
ohiochuck ohiochuck is offline
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Default Check here for some data
Reloading Pages
.222 Remington reduced loads
Many reduced loads but most not sub

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Old 05-22-2022, 06:32 PM
Kylongrifle Kylongrifle is offline
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A couple of years ago I was playing with a 10 inch Contender barrel in 222 Rem. I was shooting 55 grain cast bullets subsonic thru a suppressor with Tite Group.
I don't remember the exact load I was using but start with 3.2 grains and work your way down until you achieve subsonic velocities. Make sure the bullet exits the barrel with each shot.
I stopped using the 222 Rem because I purchased a 1/7 twist 22 Hornet barrel to shot heavier 75-80 grain bullets.
Trail Boss was recommended to me for the Hornet but is it still available?

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Old 05-22-2022, 06:53 PM
moorepower moorepower is offline
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Trail Boss is on the list of stuff I have not seen for sale for a long time. I am glad that I have a jug.
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Old 05-27-2022, 08:40 PM
Johnly Johnly is offline
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Looking at the Lyman cast bullet handbook they are showing 5.0 gr. of 700X pushing a 41 gr. 225348 at 1872 fps at 25k CUP and 6.6 gr. delivering 2187 fps at 40k CUP. So a charge weight in the 3.0 to 3.5 grain range ought to get the velocity that you are looking for. I'm a believer that powder charges for reduced loads should be such that a double charge can't fit in the case or pressure safe should a double charge occur. I've used a case full of Trail Boss and a cast bullet in my 22 Hornet for fun, but if I recall it was still above 1100 fps.

Going this route I would think that a plain base 22 caliber cast bullet would be optimum, as placing gas checks on these bullets is a chore and they aren't needed for the application. A mold similar to this:
would be what I would be looking for.

However, unless you really want the fiddle factor, the price of 100 rounds of 22RF ammo is about the same price as 100 SR/SP. Personally, as much as I find satisfaction casting and shooting my own bullets, I'd be looking at the 22 RF option as the best path forward.

Just in case you are wondering a 222 case holds about 8 gr. of Trail Boss to the top of the neck.

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