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Old 03-23-2007, 03:15 AM
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Default 1 of a kind Contender w/ killer wood

Moving some more of my prized possessions.

This is a Contender "step-barrel" chambered in 22 Hornet. Barrel measures 1.140" OD straight taper from the step. OAL is 15" with a very nice target crown. I will include the weaver silver scope base currently mounted on the barrel. Barrel also has a sling swivel stud mounted into the barrel in front of the forend to shoot with a bipod as shown (bipod and scope NOT included).

The wood pistol grip and forend is truly 1 of a kind. Black and grey laminate wood that has black ebony wood accents on the bottom of pistol grip and forend. The black ebony is roughly .250" thick on the forend and .400" thick on the pistol grip. Ebony grain runs parrallel with the barrel to ride the bags better. Satin gloss finish on wood that is very smooth.

Stock is reinforced (bedded) with 3/4" aluminum pillars in the FE and a 1/2" aluminum pillar in the PG. Fore end measures 2.25" wide and everything secured with allen screws. Barrel shows normal frame marks from lock up.

I bought this barrel and wood furniture from a retired Arizona police officer who informed me the barrel has been fired approx. 250 times. The bore looks very good and feels smooth. I personally have not fired this barrel as the owner claimed 3/4" groups at 75 yds. with factory ammo. He used this set up several times at the range and 1 time to shoot prairie dogs, and later sold it to me because his eyesight had deteriorated and he could no longer shoot pistols with scopes. I was informed the barrel is a Shilen select and custom made by Mike Bellm in the early 1990's. The wood was made by a friend of his in Arizona. The barrel is not stamped or marked so I have no way of knowing other than what I was told.

If you want something that no one else has, this is the ticket ! Selling for $385.00 + shipping as insurance is optional yet recommended. Pictures do not do justice for this set up. FYI - a similiar barrel made by OTT today would cost over $350, and the wood furniture would likley cost $250 or more.

more pics available; email me at 17ln(AT) if interested or you have additional questions. replace (AT) with @ .

Scope, rings, scope level, Contender frame, and bipod are not for sale at this time.


cb <*)))>{

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