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Old 06-28-2008, 01:51 AM
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Default Danger-Marlin 717 Owners Beware

With no intentions to lay blame on anyone but my own self I want to make others aware of a *near miss* incident that I was involved with.

Want to start by saying this Marlin 717, 17 HM2 has probably killed more PDs this year than any other rifle I own, it has been the best 180.00 I have ever spent…. At least until this happened and am somewhat concerned more for the safety of others than my own self at the moment.

I also want to say that I was shooting it with a 10 round magazine which says for 22 LR only and which has worked great in the past with many rounds through it however after giving this whole scenario a lot of thought this may be a bad practice and may have lead to this particular issue???

It all started when shooting PDs and having a great time, you know one of those days where *I couldn’t miss* not sure how many rounds I had down the tube but *if* I cleaned it the last time and was pretty sure that it got cleaned I will say maybe 80-100 rounds shot before hearing a very loud report coming from the bolt and magazine area.

I was almost scared to look thinking I might see something like a clip missing or even worse wood splinters…. (U-know all of the sories i have read about this kind of stuff) I never felt anything, just heard noise….

As I turned the sweet lil Marlin on its side everything appeared very normal??? I first pulled the clip out and then pulled the bolt back noticing that there was still a round in the chamber which did not appear normal. Although it appeared to be fired I kept the muzzle in a safe direction cycling the bolt a couple times I could see that it was not coming out…. I carefully used a plastic pick to see if I would get lucky and it might just come right out… I was and it did.

What I had laying in my hand was a fired 17 HM2 case that looked a bit short and the rim was about to fall off only attached by a small amount of brass. Confused I then swept up every piece of brass looking for other evidence of funny looking cases that might help solve the puzzle… I did find a piece but not sure if it was fired right before or at another time. I think it may have had something to do with this issue???

Now you have to put yourself in my shoes to understand what I wanted to do next…. U-C there was a bunch of small PDs now tormenting me by running around my vehicle saying naa, na, na, naaa ,na you can’t get me…. I wanted soooo badly to insert the clip and let them little suckers have it!!! Well I didn’t and decided to put’r up and give it a good cleaning/inspection. Then I got out my all time favorite 17 CCM and let em have a lil of that!!!

Thank God that I put the 717 away with no intentions to shoot it until after a good inspection and cleaning. U-C there was a blue tipped 17 gr bullet lodged in the barrel about half way up…. That sure would have ruined my day if I had shot just *one more round*

The case I found in the chamber – A good fired case – The bullet that was lodged in the barrel – And a spent case found on the floor mat

After a good cleaning and inspection I felt that the riffle was functioning properly but started making calls looking for some info. I received some good advice and info from several calls I made. I was however very disappointed with the gentleman I spoke with at Marlin. His first words were U-know that there are problems with the ammo don’t you? I responded by saying other than split necks and a few chambers that wasn’t quite right I know of no other issues, and I went on to ask, can you be more specific than problems??? Other than splits necks he could not offer any solid info. This started us off on the wrong foot. I get very disappointed when anyone does not listen and immediately will look to bad mouth anything but them selves…. He farther went on to say that he wanted my 17 HM2 back to inspect and that I would have to pay the shipping one way because I was shooting Eley ammo in it!!!! First off I don’t think they still make this riffle and in no way will I send it to them knowing I might not get it back??? I just like this thing waaaay to much!! Second, paying the shipping was not so much the issue for me as it was that it made me feel that they really did not want to see my riffle very bad…. Lastly I forgot that I was using this 10 round 22 LR only clip and I am sure that if I would have told this guy (and I sure would of if I had remembered) it would have really voided my warranty and rendered the riffle useless….

I made a decision to not send it back and felt my own inspection was darn near as good or better than this guy could provide for me and decided to shoot it at least 150 rounds in which I did without any issues at all

Well…. Here is a copy/paste from the owner’s manual???

Rifles chambered for 17 Mach 2
Any commercially available 17 Mach 2
ammunition will function in your rifle.

Kind of pissed me off a lil bit. I do my best to offer accurate honest information and get lied to in return and have to listen to the blame game…. We need to make America better.

IMO and like I said in the beginning it was probably all my fault shooting a dirty semi-auto and using a Marlin 22 LR 10 round clip.. Just don’t want to see this same thing happen to someone else and hear that they pulled the trigger on that next round.

IMHO the 17 Mach 2 is an under-rated round that has served me very well but we need to keep em clean!!!!
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Old 06-28-2008, 02:55 AM
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I don't like it when people are quick to blame another product other than their own .
That is neither a gun problem or ammo problem . I think that is a semi auto mach II problem. My friends Magnum Research rifle and my converted 10/22 Ruger have done the same thing. The malfunction was with Remington ammo.
Good thing you were thoughtfull enough to double check even with the dogs talking to ya
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Old 06-28-2008, 04:02 AM
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Good post Gary.
Glad you stopped when you did too. May have had a face full of nasties.

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Old 06-28-2008, 05:12 AM
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Default you have luck

Did you get your lotto ticket today?

It was a good thing you put it away. Thank you for posting it. That is how we all remember to do the simple stuff that keeps us out of makeup.

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Old 06-28-2008, 02:30 PM
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Gary, Gary, Gary, just look at the condition you keep your ammo in- you'll have to be much more careful in the future. Dirt, dings, et/al. Clean things up and you'll be fine.
: Just stroking you Gary. Looks to me as if it fired before being chambered totally. This was a problem with HMR-converted 10-22mags in the beginning, I seem to recall. I wonder if you've shot enough that the disconector is worn to the point of allowing the sear to drop prior to the bolt being all the way forward? Maybe the action doesn't have a disconnnector- it should.
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Old 06-28-2008, 05:20 PM
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Default Had a similar problem but not as lucky/smart!

I had been shooting the 17 Mach2 in a semi-auto for a while and knew about the problems with the Mach2 rounds in these semi's. I wasn't thinking (seems easier these days) and had a funny sounding round fire and eject. I just went and fired the next round without thinking and that one really went kaboom. The fired case was actually ejected (as parts) and I finally decided (DUH!) to check the bore. The bore was clear of any bullets but sure enough it had the tell-tail shadow of a ring about 6" out from the chamber. Lucky for me it was a barrel I had relined from 22lr but it was still very annoying since I had to reline it all over again. I heated the barrel for about an hour at 350 degrees and pulled the liner out in one piece -- sure enough there was the nasty bulge with cracks in the liner. I kept the liner as a reminder that I need to pay attention to what the heck is going on around me.
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Old 06-28-2008, 05:23 PM
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Default Ely....

About mid 80's I had a custom .22 silhouette pistol built. Very first shot, the bullet stuck in the barrel. That round had no powder in it. It was Ely Practice ammunition.
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Old 06-29-2008, 01:49 AM
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I found the 17M2 to be at the top of my favorites list in the p-dog fields also. This year I shot about 500 rds through my Savage MK-II. The best part is that I threaded the barrel for my 22LR suppressor. If there is a little wind the p-dogs never even know that they are being shot at. It worked so good that I am in the process of building a threaded 10/22 for next year.

Eric ejt10x
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Old 06-29-2008, 03:23 AM
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Gary - I had the same problem with my 10/17 blowing cases.

The first case blew over Easter with my son shooting..he got a nice blast of powder in his face & I got dirty shorts....

Now the gun (with last years ammo) doesn't cycle reliably - usualliy not resetting the hammer.

Beware 17 HM2 from lot # K05K25 - about 50% of the ammo I tested blew the rim out or split the case - using the same 10/17M2.
It seemed to work OK in my 77/17.

Always wear saftey glasses........
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