22 Epperson Cricket Balistics
Posted by: D. Epperson
11/06/2001, 00:44:05

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Does anyone have anything on the Dart or Flea loadings that could help narrow the search for THE powder to use in this necked down 25ACP?

The only time I was able to get hold of a chronograph for a good testing session I clocked the 2.5gr 231 load behind the 35gr V-Max at 1850fps average velocity from the 22" barrel of the converted M-1969 Romainian trainer.

On the same outing
Blue Dot resulted in 1300fps
Bullseye -1750
Clays - 1475
Unique - 1262

Since then I've set up a balistic pendulum, mainly as a comparitive tool for testing different powders.

I'll have to find my notes on the loads but near full case loads are pretty much the norm with the soft Hornady bullets in this small case.

As a baseline the same 231 load caused the pendulum to swing 22-1/4"

2.2 gr AA Nitro 100 resulted in a 21" swing(1750fps) and looked to be fairly uniform for all shots. I really want to get hold of a chrony again with this load.

1.7gr 700-X resulted in a 17-1/2" swing (1433fps)

1.8gr 800-X only managed an 11" swing (900fps) which surprised me.

4227 resulted in 3 out of the 5 shots tested not clearing the barrel. the other 2 shots were visible from the muzzle to the spot 50-75 ft downrange where they fell to the ground.

I've function tested the 33gr V-max, 40gr Hornady .222 Jet flat nose (which looks pretty neat), and the 45gr Hornet. All showed no pressure signs with the loads worked up.

The 45gr Rem HP on the other hand could NOT be used with any load without blowing primers. Apparently the effort to push a .223/.224 bullet into the 0.221 rimfire bore of this rifle makes the round real sensitive to jacket and or bullet hardness.

I'd like to get hold of some of the 30gr, 25gr, and I've even heard of some 20gr 22 varmint bullets. The small case should like those. Though I suspect the squirrels won't be too fond of them.

If and when I ever manage to work a pistol up for this round I'll go back and try Bullseye again. I suspect I was actually losing velocity with it due to the long barrel.

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Re: 22 Epperson Cricket Balistics
Re: 22 Epperson Cricket Balistics -- D. Epperson Top of thread Archive
Posted by: Dennis Berkey
11/21/2001, 02:00:29

MR Epperson: What do you think of possibly converting a Savage Striker To your cricket 22. This a bolt action 22lr pistol with about a 12 inch barrel

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I would expect it to work well
Re: Re: 22 Epperson Cricket Balistics -- Dennis Berkey Top of thread Archive
Posted by: D. Epperson
11/21/2001, 23:31:38

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Particularly since the use of the faster powders would then become even more attractive as far as velocity is concerned. As for the conversion itself...I think it's probably time to reiterate...I'm not a gunsmith, and don't have the required FFL to work on anyones firearms but my own. The Cricket is and has been a fun and educational project. Particularly if you can realize just how many of my own tools I've had to make to do it for under $200 (Ball park - and this includes the purchase of 2 rifles, the brass bullets primers and powders.) I really cannot count the dies, though if I did I'd have to ad $30 worth for the 7/8-14 bolts I used to make those, and the reamer was ground as payment for a favor (And not by any of the people in the business of grinding reamers).

All that being said, I've been looking for a pistol to try it in. Though I've been looking for a small autoloader for an Americanized legal version of the Russian PSM (IZH-75) 5.45x18.

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