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Small Caliber

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Genco Specialty Ammunition, Inc.
PO Box 5704
Asheville, N.C. 28813

What others are saying about Genco Bullets:

"I am really impressed with the 26 grain RBHP VLDs. I also like the 29 gr VLD flatbase. I do feel that the Gencos are very fine shooting bullets, Its clear that Mr. Gennett takes pride in his bullet making."
- Blaine Eddy

.17 Caliber offerings. 

*16 grain FB, HP, 6s ogive (drawn from .22/.705” jackets)
22.5 grain FB, LT, 7s ogive (J4–.460 jacket)
26 grain FB, HP, 7s ogive (J4-.560 jacket)
26 grain RBT, HP, 7s ogive (J4-.560 jacket)
26.7 grain LT, FB, 7s ogive (J4-.560 jacket)
27.5 grain LT, FB, 7s ogive (J4-.560 jacket)
29 grain FB, HP, VLD (J4-.635 jacket)
32 grain RBT, HP, 7s ogive (J4-635 jacket)

.14 Caliber offerings.

12 grain FB, HP, 6s ogive
15 grain FB, HP, 6s ogive
17.5 grain FB, HP 6s ogive

The .14’s are made on the old Russ Lucas dies in the same manner he made them. All bullets are final sized to .1441. They are $ 66.00 per 200 and $ 9.95 UPS handling.

.20 Caliber offerings.

My new 20's will be ready within 30 days. I have 40 Grn. 6S, FB, HP in stock now. They have tightly closed tips. The line will consist of the following:
40 Grn FB, 6S
45 Grn  FB, 6S
47.5 Grn FB, 6S
40 Grn RBT, 6S
45 Grn RBT, 6S
47.5 Grn RBT, 6S
This configuration is the same Russ was selling. Price is $ 40.00 per 200 and $ 9.95 UPS

I will also offer a "ninenty try pack" that will have 15 of each bullet. The Try Pack is $22.00 and $ 9.95 shipping.
The 40's are made on J4-600, the 45's on J4-640's and the 47.5 are made on Sierra .705's.

HP = Hollow Point
FB = Flat base
RBT = Rebated Boat Tail
LT = Lead Tip

*  These bullets should be able to be pushed at high velocities due to the thicker jacket and light weight. 

Pricing structure.  All Flat Base bullets are $22.50 per 100.  All Rebated Boat Tail bullets are $24.50 per 100.

Want a custom weight?  We will build you anything you want with a minimum order of 1,000 bullets.  Most bullet configurations are kept in inventory.  Maximum wait 2- 3 weeks.

Genco Specialty Ammunition, Inc.
PO Box 5704
Asheville, N.C. 28813

Phone: (828)684-5797

FAX: 828-684-5748 (24-hrs/day)


The man behind the bullets: Chappie Gennett.

"In 1971 H&R introduced a .17/223 on a Sako 461 action and some sort of 10 twist custom barrel. It was a ton of fun and shot pretty well. " groups at 100 yards werent bad for a .17 at that time. Many crows fell to that little rifle. I began looking for custom .17 bullets and shot many 22.5 grain Williams bullets, and an equal number of 20 grain Sisk bullets. Thus began my correspondence with Ted Smith.

In 1985, I began to build .17 bullets in earnest. I sold most to friends and people that wanted custom weights. From there we started doing what other people wanted. Calibers that we build included: .17, .224, .308, .25, .32, 9mm, .357, .40, .41, .44, .45, .348, 6.5mm."

I have been a competetive shooter all of my life. I have been selected the "All-American Skeet Team" two times. NC skeet "High Over-All State Champion" multiple times. 12 gauge champion, 20 gauge champion, .410 champion. Selected multiple times to the NC State Skeet Team. Sleeted tot he NC State Trap Team multiple times. NC State trap "High "High over-all Champion", 1988 World Champion Sporting Clays, Savannah GA.

Classifications include:

Skeet 12 gauge AAA. AA 20, .410

Trap: Singles: AA, 27 Yard Handicap, Doubles: AA

High Power rifle: High Master

Long Range: High Master

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